Switching to the Administer Screen
Version 4 2/3/2023

Log in as usual, on the Volunteers page.

To ADD a post or similar item you now have to click on the "Administer" link of the login section.


This takes you to the Administer Screen. The options are laid out on the page, and the black menu bar is active.

To add a post do the following: Click on Content

and then click on Add Content.

Select the content type you want -- in most cases a Post

This takes you to the Post Editor (and also takes you out of Administer Mode.)

The layout has changes slightly with the new version, but we want to set the URL (not shown in detail) and set the Publishing Options. All three checkboxes will normally be set.

For this example we are NOT going to put it on the front page. Save the post (with an optional Preview step).

We now see the test post. But to make it immediately available to everyone, we have to go back to Administer Mode.

On the Black Bar click on the Icon at the Top Left (which may be either the KPFZ logo or the Drupal "Teardrop".

Select Clear All Caches on the dropdown menu.

and you will get confirmation.

We now need to leave Administer Mode. Click on the Home link

and you will be back in "Web" mode. You can log out or continue.