Activating / De-Activating the Emergency Information page and Banners

Version 3 : 1/27/2023 Alan Fletcher

NOTE: Only kpfz users with specific privileges can do all these operations : Administrators and Developers
(Currently John Saare, David Lark and Alan Fletcher. )

Editors can change the Emergency Information page, but cannot activate/deactivate the emergency system

Quick link to details (for those who know how to log in and use the menus):

1. Go to the Volunteers Page

and Log In :

2. Find a similar emergency page (For example, a fire, or a PGE PSPS event) which can be used as a template.

One way to do this is to look at the Site Map, under "Latest / Emergencies" :

Note : we would LIKE to save a copy of the post, but this is the closest we can get in Drupal.

Open it for Editing and set it to "Plain Text":

Leave that page open in a TAB, and open a NEW tab for kpfz. This new tab is where we will create the new Emergency Page.

3. At the top left, click on the "Content > Add Content > Post" pull-down menu:
(Or you can click one level at a time).

Enter the title, which should include the Name and Date of the event.

Sample titles :
Skip the contents for now.

Use Post Type "Emergencies"

Give it a meaningful URL Path Setting. Do NOT uses spaces : dashes and underlines are OK

4. Edit The Emergency Page -- describe the Emergency and provide links to resources

Change Page

5. Save the Page



6. Turn on the banner by activating the Block

Emergency Block

Select Block and Configure


7. Change the Text and Link in either the HTML editor
Rich Editor

OR : Plain text Editor --

Change the Text to summarize the emergency (fire/flood/earthquake...)
(And change the Link if you changed the emergency page)

Plain text

8. Change the Visibility from "Only The Listed Page"

Only the Listed Block
9. Change the Visibility To : All Pages Except Those Listed

All except Listed

10 Save the Block Configuration

Save Block

11. When you have finished editing, Mouse over the KPFZ logo and click Flush All Caches

12. Logout

13: To DE-ACTIVATE The emergency, Edit the BLOCK to set the visibility back to "Only The Selected Pages"

Only The Listed pages

Save, Flush the Caches and Logout as in steps 10-12

Progressively "retire" the post. Select and Edit the post.