Adding and Uploading Images


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Create a new post (or edit an existing post).

Put your Cursor at the position you want to place the image.

Click on the Image Button.

The Image Properties window pops up.

You can enter a URL for an image on an external site. But many images on the web won't allow you to show them.

So we are going to Browse for images on the web server, Drupal.

If the image you want is already there you can click on it.

If it is not, you need to Upload it:

This allows us to Choose File on your computer.

The following is for windows, and may also depend on your browser. Select a file and click Open

The file you selected shows in the popup window.

Click Upload (at the bottom of the popup)

and you will now see the uploaded image on the site.

Click on Insert File

and you will get a new dialog.

Before we use it, we must set the WIDTH of the image as a PERCENTAGE so that it shows correctly both on big Displays and on tiny Cell phones.

The post editor doesn't know about percentages, so we need to do this a bit carefully.

FIRST add the percentage sign to the end of the Width field:

THEN change the number before the % sign to 80% (maybe a bit less if the image is very tall).

FINALLY clear the Height field to BLANK

(because the post editor doesn't know about "%" it won't look right.
When you have done that, click OK

Clik OK and the image will show up correctly in the post.

SAVE the post

and you are almost done. You will see the edited post, but other people won't see it immediately (it may take an hour or so to show up for them).

You need to go back into Administer Mode :

The Black Adminisration bar becomes active. Right-click on the Icon at the left of the bar (which may either be the KPFZ logo or the Drupal "teardrop").

Select Flush All Caches

and check that the system did that.

Return to Browser mode by clicking on Home

and you have finished. You can log out.

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