Adding Links and Uploading Documents


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Create a new post (or edit an existing post).

Place your cursor where you want to insert the link and press the Link button:

You get the "Link" popup.

In another tab, select the URL of the page you want to link to, and copy it.

Paste the URL into the URL field:

Fill in the text you want to display (which may be the URL itself.)

Now specify whether you want the link to open in the Same or a different window (or tab).

Click on Target

To open the link in the SAME window, select "Same Window (_self)"

Note : for another place on the KPFZ.ORG website, we usually want to select the SAME Page.

Click OK and the link is inserted.

Let's repeat that for a link which is NOT on the web site.

Position your cursor and press the Link button.

Copy the URL of the selected site

and paste it into the URL field.

Bu this time, click on the Target entry, and select New Window (_blank)

Press OK and the link is inserted.

To see if the links work, Save the post.

Click on the first link, and it does open in the same window.

Click on the other link ..

at it opens in a New window (or tab).

As another variation, we want to UPLOAD a file onto AND Link to it.

Instead of pasting a URL, click on Browse Server

This shows files which are already on the kPFZ.ORG site. If it's there we could click on it.

Instead, we are going to Upload it by clciking on the top-left item.

We click on Choose File ...

which shows the files on YOUR computer.
(This is for windows : an Apple, or even a different browser, will have a similar dialog.

Select the file, and click OK (not shown in this screenshot)

The selected file will now be shown in the "Choose File" field,

Click on Upload (at the bottom of the form)

and the file will be uploaded. Its name will now show in the URL field.

A random document won't show nicely on the KPFZ.ORG page, so we set the Target to New Window (_blank)

Click OK and the link is inserted.

Save the post, and click on the link entry.

which, as expected, opens in a new Window (or Tab).

(Since it's a PDF file, it might even open in a different browser, or in Adobe Acrobat.)

You will see the edited post, but other people won't see it immediately (it may take an hour or so to show up for them).

You need to go back into Administer Mode :

The Black Adminisration bar becomes active. Right-click on the Icon at the left of the bar (which may either be the KPFZ logo or the Drupal "teardrop").

Select Flush All Caches

and check that the system did that.

Return to Browser mode by clicking on Home

and you have finished. You can log out.

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